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Norine07's Ichigo 100 Percent Tv And Manga Review

Ichigo 100 Percent

Rated: 6

the overall presentation was great and it really bring up the scene of normal school life unlike other animes which are more to the fictional side.They show how fun school life can be and how to live it well, and to always follow your dreams no matter what, be it you wna to be with person but in the end regret what you did because its not for yourself but for that person you like.This anime/manga show how to live you dreams and never give it up, you will have failures but don't let yourselves down pick yourself up and learn from what you done wrong.You must watch it it is the nicest and most romantic story i have even watched, even though there are some other shows which are more sad and stuff like full moon wo sagasite and stuff..! ^^ but i hope you will enjoy it as much as i did..

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